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  My husband and I flew into Bozeman International Airport (yep, INTERNATIONAL airport), picked up the rental and headed straight for Yellowstone National Park. An hour later we were driving through the spectacular landscape of the world’s first national park.     Anyone who has spent any time in Yellowstone knows that the best way […]

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My Short Dalliance With a Lake

In 1967 I was spending  the “summer of love” at sleep-away camp  in the Poconos with an undiagnosed  case of mononucleosis. One afternoon my cabin mates and I set out to swim to the raft in the middle of the lake when half way across I realized that I wasn’t going to make it. I began […]

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The “Social” in a Natural Landscape

    When I visit a town or city for the first time, I like to stroll through a public garden or park.  I’ve found that the number, variety and the care given by citizens to their public parks and gardens can be an expression  of the values and sensibilities  generally embraced by the townspeople. This practice […]

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Is There a Photography Competition in Your Future?

Our photographic images – in fact, all types of creative efforts – not only need a life outside of our heads but outside of our cameras and hard drives, as well.  We know this, yet we tell ourselves that our work isn’t good enough to “go public” yet.  But long before we think our work […]

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