First Outing With My New Canon

A16A0032We used to have winter here in the Washington, DC area. Winter was often snowy, frequently windy and always cold when I was growing up. I wouldn’t describe winter that way anymore and I live only five minutes from where I grew up.

For several days now, significant snow (jokingly referred to as  “snowquester”) has been predicted for our area. I was skeptical because, after all, it is March. With few exceptions, snow storms in March, although not unheard of in DC, are infrequent. Yet, as it began to look as if  the “snowquester” would actually occur, I started to think that maybe, if it snows, I would try out my new camera in some interesting and possibly extreme weather conditions. I do, after all, call myself a landscape photographer with an eye on weather (hence What better day to introduce my new Canon 5D Mark III to the outside world?

We didn’t get the snow that was predicted but we did get some extremely unpleasant weather; windy, an interesting combination of snow and rain, slush an inch thick, and, even at 34 degrees, very cold air. Snow or no snow it was still a perfect day to try to capture some extreme weather.

Being that it was the first time out with my new camera, the weather was so unwelcoming and I didn’t want my camera to be in the rain/snow too long, I put my camera in autofocus. To make myself stay outside as long as possible I set a goal for myself, the magnificent pussy willow at the end of the block. Then we set out on the first of what I hope will be many walks together in unpleasant and pleasant weather.

The photos I took of the pussy willow were disappointing because of the wind and my choice of autofocus.  Had I been in manual, which is how I prefer to shoot (or even in shutter priority) I would have been pleased with some images. What I learned today – learn your camera!

If you’d like to see the photographs I took today, go to my Gallery page under Winter.

I look forward to your comments on my photos or on shooting on days like today.




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Extreme Weather

One of the reasons my website is called is because I want to try to keep “a weather eye” on extreme weather/atmospheric conditions and when I can, capture those images.  Extreme weather is very hot, very cold, very windy, very wet, very dark, very dry, succinctly put, it is anything but a nice day. Aside from my own slowly growing gallery, I will post links to the photographs of other photographers who have captured some beautiful or startling images of weather. Take a look at Maxim Shemetov’s photographs of ‘the pole of cold” in Siberia 

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