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The West Atlantic Ocean

Sunset at Chincoteague NWR

Sunset at Chincoteague NWR

sunset, lighthouse, beach

Sunset in Cape May, NJ



Irish landscape photographer, Peter Gordon, describes his on-going project Atlantic Fringe as “a collection of landscape photography from the west of Ireland focusing on the counties that border the Atlantic from Donegal in the north to Cork in the south. The work focuses on the wild parts of these counties.” In a previous blog I referred to Peter’s work as being an inspiration to me and posted one of his award winning images. The photographs that he has included in Atlantic Fringe capture the same haunting beauty and mystery that informs so much of his work. I encourage you to take a look.

The conceptual focus of Atlantic Fringe has affected my thinking about the direction in which to take photography. I have been in search of an idea for a long term project on which to focus. Atlantic Fringe suggests a direction for me. At first I thought I might “mirror” Peter’s Atlantic fringe by photographing the part of the western fringe of the Atlantic Ocean that is directly across the ocean from each of his photographs.  For now, I have  ruled out that idea because it would require spending a large amount of time along the northern coast of Quebec. Although I envision this project as potentially  life-changing even audacious plans can benefit from modest beginnings. With that in mind, this summer I plan to begin my photography project within my own little fringe of the Atlantic, holding steady between the 38th and 39th parallels, also known as the  Delmarva Peninsula.

Chincoteague National Seashore

Chincoteague National Seashore

The Inspiration Image

This morning Spring served up a soft snow of  substantial yet weightless flakes. In a most agreeable fashion, the flakes fell upon only those surfaces whose beauty was enhanced by  them. The streets remained clear and cut a sharp black figure as they rolled out of the neighborhood. Snow covered the ground  just deep enough to form a pure white matting around the colors of the emerging spring bulbs -the yellows of the daffodils, purples of the crocus, whites of the snowdrops.  It really was the best kind of snowy day! A walk around Brookside Gardens with my new camera was in order.

Do you have an inspiration photograph? Someone else’s image that took your breath away the first time you saw it? The one that you return to look at, to gaze at, to study, over and over again? An image that has become for you, in a fashion, your Moby Dick?  The image that you must capture, the one that’s always calling to you? I have three  inspiration images – all shot in snow.


This image was taken by an Australian woman, Claire Takacs, who won the International Garden Photographer prize last year. It was taken in Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, Japan. Aside from the snow, I love the violet umbrella being held by the woman on the bridge. I tried to take some photos today that were inspired by this photo. You can view all winners from the IGP competition at their site.



Coincidently, this second inspiration photograph was also taken in Japan, which is not the first place that I think of when I think about snow. German photographer Josef Hoflehner named his photograph “Patience”. Japan 2012. Visit Josef Hoflehner’s site.



PEG7559-2Irish photographer, Peter Gordon, won the prize for Best Single Image Landscape in this year’s Irish Professional Photographer Association competition. I am inspired by this image because of it’s simplicity and the mood. See more of Peter Gordon’s photographs and read his blog on his website.

I was hoping to capture something like Peter’s image when I saw The Cypress in Brookside this morning. There were too many other trees crowding it though, and I wasn’t successful – this time. I also tried to replicate Claire Takacs’s bridge photo. Again, not yet.

The two photographs below are my first attempts at capturing aspects of Takacs’s and Gordon’s inspirational photos.

Snowy Bridge at Brookside Garden, Maryland

Snowy Bridge at Brookside Garden, Maryland

Cypress at Brookside Garden, Maryland

Cypress at Brookside Garden, Maryland

I have posted  a few more images from today’s walk around Brookside Garden in my Landscape – Spring Gallery on this website. Take a look.

Extreme Weather

One of the reasons my website is called is because I want to try to keep “a weather eye” on extreme weather/atmospheric conditions and when I can, capture those images.  Extreme weather is very hot, very cold, very windy, very wet, very dark, very dry, succinctly put, it is anything but a nice day. Aside from my own slowly growing gallery, I will post links to the photographs of other photographers who have captured some beautiful or startling images of weather. Take a look at Maxim Shemetov’s photographs of ‘the pole of cold” in Siberia